Unbalanced Invasions

Hay! I am the greeting ghost, who tells many of the same people this same thing many times. Talk to me if you want some one to say: "Hay! I am the greeting ghost, who tells many of the same people this same thing many times". Anyways, you've got a long way to go, get er' done!
Unbalanced Invasions

The kingdom Gawwmar is now safe, however Bonsai Arrow have caused quite the disaster. There is not much that can be done about it, except survive. Build up your territory, become the next threat or relief.



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    Emotions, the presence of existence, Holy Ghost, Free will

    The Vital Energy, The Vital Life Force, the Divine
    Essence which holds everything together and provides
    the Spiritual Energy, which we call Life, to all things in
    all realms and dimensions.
    Prana is the Ancient Sanskrit term used to refer to this
    Vital Spiritual Energy. Later on, Prana became known
    as Aether by the Alchemists, Metaphysicians and
    Astrologers. Aether is the term that is normally used
    to describe this Vital Life Force today. The Jedi Masters
    of the Star Wars episodes provided a much simpler
    term to this Vital Spiritual Energy: they simply referred
    to it as The Force.
    Whether we call this Vital Spiritual Energy Prana, The
    Force or Aether these names all refer to the same thing.
    Aether is the Essential Spiritual Energy which enables life,
    in all of its forms, to exist, function and interact in Harmony
    within all realms and dimensions. Aether is the "Spiritual
    Breath" of Divinity. Aether is the Divine Life Force that
    exists within the air that we breathe. Aether is the
    Divine Life Force that holds the heavens together and
    allows the stars, planets, solar systems, galaxies and
    universes to co-exist and interact in Harmony with
    each other.
    Aether is the Sacred and Secret Fifth-Element that
    was held in such high-esteem by Pythagoras and his
    students. The Pythagoreans understood that Aether
    was the invisible Life Force that enabled the Four
    Elements of Creation (Fire, Earth, Air and Water) to
    function, interact and create. The Pythagoreans
    honored Aether by embracing the Five-Pointed-Star
    as their most sacred symbol. The five points of the
    Five-Pointed-Star represented Fire, Earth, Air, Water
    and Aether. The Fifth Point of the Star, along with the
    number Five, represented the Spiritual Breath of
    Divinity: Aether.
    On our planet, oxygen is necessary for human and animal
    life to survive. Each time we inhale we ingest the element
    of oxygen into ourselves. But, how often do we consider
    the Universal Life Force, the Spiritual Essence, which is
    contained within the element of oxygen that we are
    Oxygen is simply an earthly element. However, within
    this earthly element of oxygen is contained the Vital
    Spiritual Life Force of Aether. And it is this Spiritual
    Essence of Aether, contained within the physical element
    of oxygen, which gives us life and enables us to function
    and interact here in the material realm. With each
    breath we take, we are inhaling both oxygen and Aether.
    And as Aether is the Universal Spiritual Life Force that
    connects and flows through all things, it is through
    Aether that we, too, are part of, and are able to interact
    with, all things in all realms and dimensions...including

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