Unbalanced Invasions

Hay! I am the greeting ghost, who tells many of the same people this same thing many times. Talk to me if you want some one to say: "Hay! I am the greeting ghost, who tells many of the same people this same thing many times". Anyways, you've got a long way to go, get er' done!
Unbalanced Invasions

The kingdom Gawwmar is now safe, however Bonsai Arrow have caused quite the disaster. There is not much that can be done about it, except survive. Build up your territory, become the next threat or relief.

    Creating a Character


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    Creating a Character

    Post by Quiver? on June 11th 2009, 4:08 pm

    Start with a birth certificate. It has you name, birth date, where born, Name of Mother, Where they were born, Name of Father, Where they were born (All provincial), Gender.

    When you get that done, move onto Families (You will find the list on the home page). under Families, open the folders, and see the available types. Choose one of those. Your character will be stuck with that family forever. (Unless a witch come and turns them into a toad or something). Then you will move onto element attachments. Your type will list the available element attachments you can choose from. Each element has different strategies. Link to the one with closest personality to your character.

    Next, move onto Zodiac. Your characters date of birth will determine it's zodiac, giving you different advantages depending on what they are. Both astrology and the Chinese zodiac will be used. You are resistant too your zodiac element, meaning when used against you it will not hurt as much. If your zodiac element matches with your overall element, you will be very strong specifically with that element. You do not have to follow the personalities, your character is your own, but use it as a guideline as to what you would be, or to match to decide how old your character is.

    Finely, your appearance. (May vary depending on Family type) You may use a picture (as long as it is uploaded by you, and edited or completely created to make it your own). Start from the head. Any hats? Hair? Hair color, length, style. Facial hair? Color of eyebrows, beard, sideburns, mustache ext. Look of eye brows (ex. Bushy, thin, Demon like, unibrow). Lip color, size, chine type (do they look like testicles, hidden behind fat, stick out really far, jaw behind upper mouth, hangs low, nothing special). All you can think of. (Not everything is particularly necessary.)
    Shoulders, are they sexy, really broad, hump back, slouch; what is their posture, are they tall, tall for there family. Do they have a small torso, but long legs. Do they ware a shirt? What color? What type or wardrobe? Do they dress more posh, homo, Emo, Casual, Suit. Darker or lighter, mixture. You can go wild with this one. Or are you even a creature that can ware clothing? Would you be an outcast? Do you have fur, a missing patch of skin, no arm, bald but from slapping it with your tail to attract females (Hay, it's what camels do.) Go crazy with this, just as long as you look like you belong with your family type. (Well, close enough, you can still tell Quasimodo is Human.)

    The above is information.

    Next, do an autobiography of your character. Start out with personality. Interests, Beliefs, Values, Skills, ext. Then move on to your background. Any previous jobs, places lived at, friends, family, the good, bad and ugly. Where are you now? What has changed since then?

    The above determines what people will learn about you, and be a guideline on how you want to act.

    I will be checking over the posts, see if you have met all the requirements, and if your information is good enough. Remember, no characters will know anything about your character, unless your tell them, separate from your character development.

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