Unbalanced Invasions

Hay! I am the greeting ghost, who tells many of the same people this same thing many times. Talk to me if you want some one to say: "Hay! I am the greeting ghost, who tells many of the same people this same thing many times". Anyways, you've got a long way to go, get er' done!
Unbalanced Invasions

The kingdom Gawwmar is now safe, however Bonsai Arrow have caused quite the disaster. There is not much that can be done about it, except survive. Build up your territory, become the next threat or relief.



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    The key word is "charm". Highly adaptable and creative, quick-witted, sociable, and intelligent. Appealing outward personality typically hides a crafty and opportunistic personality. They tend to be very talkative and are seldom found sitting quietly by themselves.

    The Rat is very quick-witted and can accomplish in days what some may take months to do, but they are typically perfectionists and difficult to work around despite their exceptional talents.
    Rat personalities tend to scrimp and budget carefully when resources are tight, yet spend lavishly when finances are good. Rats are self-contained and keep problems to themselves. Although very outgoing, they seldom confide in anyone.

    Often talented in abstract subjects such as math and music, they make good planners, especially in business situations as well as the arts.


    typically reliable and dependable. Ox personalities often rise to positions of authority and make excellent leaders, however they are seldom elected into high official status because of their lack of flair and excitement.

    The Ox achieves through routine hard work and patience...not that the Ox lacks a creative imagination. They are hard-working and persistent, and can stick to a task longer and harder than others. They believe in themselves.

    Although seldom romantic, the Ox is very tender and loving to the few lucky enough to receive such attention. They are not social or party animals and tend to be quiet when in groups. People who are around oxen-personalities often misunderstand them, but oxen are patient and caring. An ox is the best friend you could choose.

    In business, the Ox often bring prosperity as a result of logical thought and extensive planning. They are exceptional at hand-crafts or the arts.

    The Ox has a prime place in Chinese symbolism and appears on the first page of almost every Chinese Almanac. The Ox is a symbol of diligence, perseverance, tenacity and thoroughness.


    Tigers are likely to succeed in sales, personnel management and military careers. They typically have a strong competitive streak (especially in business dealings) and must be careful not to create enemies during their quest for success. Not easily influenced by others, the Tiger's natural authority is seldom challenged, and make excellent role models. They have a magnetic personalities and, when combined with their confidence, are difficult to resist.

    The Tiger is usually regarded as having male-like tendencies and therefore Chinese tend to distrust women born in the Tiger years, partially because of the power that they can exert. Tiger personalities are daring fighters and stand up to the bitter end for what they feel is righteous. They are respected by their peers and enemies for their courage and dedication.

    Tiger personalities are sensitive, emotional, and capable of great love, but have a difficult time understanding the meaning of moderation. They often approach love with as much ferocity as a good fight.

    The Tiger is indeed the king of the beasts in China as well as many other countries throughout the world.


    Hares (rabbits) are happiest when with friends and safely inside of social circles. They are often meek and withdrawn among groups of strangers. They seldom like to argue and enjoy quiet, peaceful lives. A Hare is cautious and will weigh the pros and cons from every angle before moving ahead.

    A lover of good conversation, reading, and intellectual discussions, the hare is sincere and are often gifted healers, herbalists, and doctors. Traditionally associated with clear-sightedness, the Hare is an excellent judge of character and has a certain ability to recognize when others are lying. A Hare's home is typically a beautiful one, and they take great care and expend a lot of energy making it comfortable. You will find a lot of expensive and precious items in the home of a Hare personality.

    The Chinese have many strange legends about the Hare, one of them is that they inhabit the moon, together with three-legged frogs. Another legend has it that the Hare possesses the secret recipe for the elixir of immortality.


    The Dragon is one of the most exotic and flamboyant of all Chinese astrological signs. Dragons are born leaders and masters of ceremonies. They are idealists, perfectionists, aggressive and determined.

    A person born under the dragon is usually fashionable and can adapt to many different styles of life. Using their keen sense of imagination, Dragons are forever dreaming up fresh schemes and ideas for new adventures (which are mostly futile). Unfortunately, they often drive their friends crazy with their "wild" schemes that usually lead to nowhere.

    On the good side however, Dragon-types are also surrounded by good fortune, which saves them from making major mistakes. They are well suited to careers in the theater, or any place that gives them a leading role.

    Although they have the potential for making lots of money, they spend it lavishly on their projects. Dragons are not well suited to growing old and losing power, they lose their temper easily.
    Women who are born under this sign are usually surrounded by admirers and very popular with the opposite sex. They are seldom disappointed in love.


    The person born in the year of the snake often make their way to the top of success. Unlike the Dragon however, they are more restrained and refined. They are in no means, pushy, and have a knack for being at the right place at the right time. They make decisions quickly and firmly.

    Intelligent and careful, snake-people make good research scientists, philosophers, detectives, or professors. They have a very analytical mind, yet seem to have an ability to "sense" a good thing when they see it.

    They lean toward elegance and expensiveness. It is unlikely to find a snake person wearing bold colors and gaudy dress. In money matters, the Snake has good fortune, but is often considered "tight", except with close friends and loved ones.

    The Snake and its complementary sign, the Dragon, form the "House of Mystery" in Chinese mythology. The Dragon is the gaudy magician, the Snake is the contemplative mystic. The snake is closely associated with plots and counter-plots, scandal and corruption. The expression "long snake" in Chinese means "intrigue". Unlike in America, the traditional Chinese believe it unlucky to kill a snake which enters the house because it could be the bearer of good fortune.


    The Horse personality often varies radically. In Asia, it is believed that those born in the years of the Horse may be tyrants, revolutionaries, or thieves. On the other hand, they have great capacity to excel. Others are often in awe of them, worship them, but seldom really understand them.

    Horses are good at handling money, but often lose interest in their goals. Chinese believe that horses are born to race or travel, therefore Horse people leave home at a young age, and remain restless throughout their life. They are impatient, yet quick-witted with a huge ego. They have a hard time belonging anywhere for long.

    Horse people do well in groups and is never short on conversation. Social contact is important to the Horse and they often form close relationships with others and will give up anything for a good romance.

    The Horse represents desires and wishes they are usually associated with males. The ancients deemed the Year of the Horse to have masculine attributes. The hour of the Horse falls at high noon and the month of the Horse includes the Summer Solstice, which are both strong "yang" forces.


    Sheep (Goats) are regarded by Chinese astrologers as having a strong essence of "Yin", therefore the most feminine of the animal signs. The are typically elegant, charming, artistic, and fond of natural items. Sheep personalities often find expression in craftsmanship rather than originality. They are very conservative and often leave their creative sides unexplored when it comes to career advancements.

    Sheep are insecure and need to feel loved and needed. They shy away from confrontation and often follow the crowd instead of standing up for their true beliefs. They resent being led by others, although they allow it. This characteristic often leads them to ask for help, then resist it when it comes.

    They study the esoteric, reading books on new-age beliefs, astrology, and fortune-telling. Because of their indecision, Sheep do not usually make good business people. They prefer to use their artistic talents and craftsmanship skills.

    Sheep are typically very romantic and sensitive. They are hard to resist with their loving and caring nature, and make excellent spouses.


    Monkeys are never at a loss for words. They can make the most boring subject seem interesting. They are extremely inventive, with a quick-wittedness that none can rival. Their charm and good fortune follow them.

    Despite their popularity, Monkeys are seldom taken seriously however, and this leads to much frustration. They project an image of mischief which many find unsettling.

    The Monkey personality can do well at almost any type of work, and usually succeed in anything they try. Their success often makes them arrogant however, and can lead to isolation. Monkeys are exceptionally good a problem-solving and have a craving for knowledge.

    They are one of the most popular and venerated of all Chinese characters. There are countless stories about the adventures of monkeys. The Monkey of legend has many innate skills, but only put them to good use when under the powerful restraint and skillful guidance of an enlightened one (as in "Journey to the West", a famous novel). They can easily self-destruct when left to their own initiatives.


    The Rooster is the counterpart of the Monkey and represents a "Yin" or feminine quality. They are often abrasive and aggressive, and are sometimes considered rude.

    Roosters are very concerned with their appearance, and can spend many hours standing in front of mirrors. They often dress a bit colorful for some tastes, but are usually stylish.

    Roosters are always busy, seldom being accused of being a couch potato. The have many talents and typically succeed in anything that they attempt. They make good detectives, doctors, nurses, and trouble-shooters. Rooster personalities have extremely high ideals and have little tolerance for those who don't. They often begin many projects at one time to keep busy, but this sometimes leads to family problems, as they have a tendency to ignore those who are closest although they remain deeply in love and fail to see any problem in the relationship.

    Traditionally, Roosters are seen as the embodiment of direct, forceful and forthright behavior.


    Dog personalities are honest, faithful, and sincere. They enjoy helping others. They can easily make friends, usually long-lasting. They are intelligent and are usually good listeners.

    The Dog is a steady worker who becomes a trusted and valued member of any community. They are defensive where friends and family are concerned and refuse to listen to warnings when others are in danger. When truly frightened, Dogs react unpredictably. Their rare displays of intense anger is usually justified however. They easily forgive and forget.

    Dogs are usually very active and like all types of outdoor sports. Although they are very generous and loyal, they often have romantic difficulties throughout their lifetimes unless their partner is very understanding and patient.

    In Chinese astrology, the Dog and the Pig form the "House of Family". The Dog, being traditionally a protector and guardian of property, represents the materials and wealth of the home, rather than the people within it.


    The last of the twelve astrological signs, the Pig is the symbol of completion. Their ambitions are not so much with their current career, but with the benefits that they reap at the end of their careers. The Pig personality looks forward to retirement.

    Unlike the animal that Americans think of when they consider a Pig, the Chinese consider the Pig as one of the most pleasant and productive animals. They are home-lovers who put a lot of attention toward family matters. Pigs are models of sincerity, purity, tolerance, and honor.

    Pigs simply want to do everything right, and have an unrelenting optimistic attitude.

    Pigs are industrious in business as well as home life. They finish the projects that they begin, and do so with great enthusiasm. In business, they can become extremely successful and usually reap the financial benefits of such accomplishments.

    Pigs get along well with almost everyone, and they typically have a large and varied collection of good friends. Like the Monkey, the Pig is intellectual--a character with a great thirst for knowledge.

    The Pig was such an integral part of the home in China that the Chinese character for "family" consists of the sign for a roof, under which is the character for a Pig.

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